Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where to begin, Where to begin...

Hello to anyone unlucky enough to find this blog. I'll be posting under the name Mr. Mud (as you can see, this is The Mud Puddle) which is a nickname various friends and family members have handed down to me... it's almost a pseudo-heirloom of sorts. You can contact me at but hey, I rarely check it, so don't expect an immediate response. Thanks.

In any case, the blog is going to be primary about my video game reviews, music and pop culture, and flawed political views*. One might say this is a generic blog you can find anywhere on the internet on which some fool talks about every small occurrence he had that day, but you'd be very wrong... This is a generic blog on which I talk about moderately important occurrences, that you can find only through Google, with kind of cool layouts.

But enough with the pleasantries. This blog is going to be, at times, very very sarcastic and mean spirited, so read at one's own risk... What I'm trying to say is that serious posts on things other than video games and music will be few and far between. I hope that all the nonsense in the other posts might make just one person laugh or smile... and If it does, I think it would be all worth it.

Now can I please stop talking with such good conventions?

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  1. Okay everyone, comments are down here if this whole blogging thing is new to you. Just click post a comment, and you'll be set! (the directions to this are if the whole common sense is new to you :D).