Thursday, December 11, 2008

The smart guy is in...

Hello everyone. So Mr. Mud asked me to contribute here because I'm apparently excellent for setting him up for puns. Or as he put it, so he doesn't "hurt himself in thought." So apparently I'm going to post my various (wise) musings about music and whatnot. And maybe about politics. All in all, it will be me being a smartass about stuff that interests me. Or maybe I'll create a massive 42753284098728504975258402975675025798575743 word post explaining why I am always right. But enough screwing around. I do actually intend to make some intelligent posts here, primarily about music. Because I love music. I will never shut up about music. Especially if it's metal music. I will ramble forever about it. But in a way that is (presumabely) intelligent. Those of you that do like heavy metal will probably be the most interested in what I have to say. Anyways, that's enough talk from the smartass.

(And for those who want to know, Biedrik is not just some crap I made up. It's a shortened version of my outrageously difficult to pronounce last name. No, I will not tell you what it is. It's long, insane, and Slavic.)

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