Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Supersized Phone goes Bit-Size!

While doing a bit of reading before this post, I see that the "iPhone Nano" rumors are coming back, and oddly enough you all don't buy it?

I was having a great conversation with a family friend this weekend over up and coming Adobe products among...other things. He actually tested... well over 50% of the apps currently available in the app store today. But I digress.

He said that the iPhone Nano will appear in... oh, 1-3 months. (And yes I know a very narrower time period, but I promised I'd keep at least that much in). Adds will appear, with even more silly names, and small hands. The iPhone Nano (henceforth IP-N) will be about the size of the bottom half of the Motorola Razor. That's right, all us people with big hands are really @*#$ed, although a stylus was also hinted at - which might infuriate me if it was anything like the DS's. The current iPhone 3g has four bottoms across every row on the main screen, while the Nano will only have 3 across, and 3 down. Squares everywhere! Apps will remain the same, and he couldn't give me hardware specs, or else he'd have to kill me. OR hire someone to, and that takes way too much time and effort, and a big chance at being caught by cops, and taped on Dateline NBC. I'm guessing it will be around... 2-4g? The regular iPhone's memory/Hard Drive (or soft drive as I like to call) will atleast double. Apple has to have SOME new sales pitch.

Anyhow accurate pic's are really hard to find, but this although fake, is a good representation of the size.

Pic! (sorry, picture embedding is not being nice today).

While the portability of the IPN is so much greater than the iPhone, do you really want a small touch screen phone? How would text? How you I blog? How would you be amused?

The answer is you wouldn't. Apple is making a big mistake thinking that us Americans want smaller things. I like my Big Mac with a side of Heart Medicine, and my Ice cream deep fried, and I most certainly do not want a small phone, that requires me to use my hands, which can easily palm a basketball, to interact with. Size Matters America, and you know what they say about us people with big hands...

... big egos.

Oh right, and any questions anyone has, please feel free to email me, especially this subject...

Tonight IS Christmas eve, So Merry Christmas everyone... and Happy Holidays!

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