Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I wonder if Bush was always first pick in Dodgeball as a kid

For those of you who don't know, which all of you should since 'lolcats' pics don't upload till Wednesday (usually...), a, in my opinion, radical Islamic journalist threw his shoes at bush Sunday. Here's a look at the president's reflex... I'm guessing he took a few levels of Rogue back in the day:

See that? Just the pure cat-like reflexes we need in a president. I'd love to see John Kerry do that without his Botox bursting out ;).

But seriously, where the hell was secret service on that one. When I read the story, I expected the article to tell when his funeral service was at the end... instead all it said was he suffered a black eye, and a temporary sentence to international prison will we waits to me sentences and tried. IF the secret service was doing their job, the man should've been dead before the first shoe hit the ground... who knows if there was a bomb inside, or if that wasn't even a shoe at all, but a hand grenade or something? I don't care if there are 'ethics' or 'morals' involved. A second shoe shouldn't have been thrown; the guy should have been killed, or apprehended (and by apprehended, I mean boxed up and shipped to Gitmo.).

As Biedrik says, the men in suits HAVE to be the best. If we aren't able to protect our leader, that means our leader isn't going to be able to protect us... the secret service is letting the radicals win people! That makes 'we got balls' the score:
Secret Service - 0.
Islam Extremists - 1.

So all that I've taken from this whole ordeal is, 1 Presidential Dodgeball on Addictinggames is way unrealistic, and 2
Bush has gained: +10 shoe-pwn!!!

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