Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Words on Updates

Howdy readers, as you might have seen I haven't had a post since... hell, too long. And Biedrik had his last way back on Thursday. This was for a number of reasons, which I'm sure you don't really care about:
1. I was out of town from Friday, 'till late last night (but don't worry, it was down South, so I have a lot of politics to talk about concerning Obama and the typical southerner's response to him... And this is the DEEP South).
2. I have been mesmerized by the MMORPG Crowns of Power which I equate to World of Warcraft, except minus the 6 million players, the monthly cost, and all the bugs. Then add five hundred different bugs. But oddly enough the game isn't really much different than other MMORPG's but I have to say it is very very entertaining -- so much so that I am playing it as I type --(and guys, there is a /rickroll command... lets see WoW do that).
3. This is a very minor reason, for I am not very good at the game, and it has not taken up too much of my type, but I am reading up on, and playing abit of, Go. It is an old Japanese game that over the last 20-30 years has gained a ton of popularity around the globe... And it's actually quite fun. Anyways, more on this later...
4. We don't really want to... dry up the proverbial idea well, for our posts. We really really want to keep every post interesting (except for these of course, who the hell is actually reading this =P). Thanks for your patience everybody.

Anyways, I am off today, and have nothing to do except cut the grass in subarctic temperatures. You can expect a post about reasons 1,2, or 3 today. Maybe something else.

Stay tuned,

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