Monday, December 15, 2008

Eighth time's the charm!

Metal heads, and common folk alike, Metallica has been nominated for another FOUR Grammy's, which would bring their grammy total to twelve, given they win them all tonight... direct quote from

"Death Magnetic" has been nominated in the Best Rock Album and Best Recording Package categories, while "Suicide and Redemption" gets the nod in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance area and "My Apocalypse" goes up for Best Metal Performance.

Okay, old news maybe, but Death Magnetic (which was so good, I bought twice on iTunes, and CD form...) only has competition from Coldplay's "Viva la Vida And Death To All His Friends". Don't get me wrong, I mean Coldplay is great to listen to when you're in the mood... to tear your ears off. The Grammy should definitely go to Ulrich and friends, because the contrast between St. Anger and Death Magnetic was about the difference between Metallica and Coldplay. I'm not sure about the recording category Grammy though... I'm not a big enough fan as too read the bio's of the art/recording directors at Warner Bros.

"Suicide and Redemption", I'm sad to say, will probably be beat by Rush, with their even LONGER songs that Metallica. "My Apocalypse" is running against:

Heroes Of Our Time
[Roadrunner Records] - Lets pray not to hear anything from this 'band' ever again.

Judas Priest
Track from: Nostradamus - Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law

Under My Thumb
Track from: Cover Up - Ministry is... Meh.
[Megaforce Records]

[Roadrunner Records] - Slipknot is great but I don't think they are on the same level as the Metal Giants like Judas Priest and Metallica...

Anyways, that's enough of a rant for today... it's not fun when you're sober.

Oh, and a big congrats to Rick Rubin for being nominated for Producer of the Year for his work on:

Death Magnetic (Metallica)
Home Before Dark (Neil Diamond)
Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy)
Seeing Things (Jakob Dylan)
Weezer (Red Album) (Weezer)

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