Sunday, August 16, 2009

.... God, I wish we had these ideas sooner.

Come one, come all, to the Mud Puddle Magic Emporium... This week, to kick off the new open season of blogging, we shall be covering a few, NEW topics (not like we really covered anything before.... but I digress). In to what we usual rant about, we will be trying to write about one of the follow, maybe two times a week... Here's a complete list of what we were thinking of:

Video Games
Random Internet Goodness.
[insert all other avenues of creativity]
New Game Mastering (table top games)
New Our crazy Ideas of world domination.*
New and finally... Art? More on that at a later date.

* Yes, we've finally put together a plan, in which you all are the pawns, in our nefarious scheme of total power... But anyway, be sure to look for a post of something extremely awesome... And half baked. But we've half baked it twice, my friends.

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