Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mafia Dragons - You said "Impossible"... We said "Nay".

So, to kick off our Homebrewing, I thought that I'd start by giving you all a...
That's right, we're refining the first adventure - again- so it reaches it maximum potential, for you, the valued reader. Anyways, just on the adventure::

It's going to be aimed at a 4 player party, but will be easily adjustable for more... less that 3 will take some expert Game Mastering, though it will surely be possible. Players should be around levels 2 or 3. For veteran gamers, this adventure should only be about 1 session of gaming, but if you're rolling up characters just for it, prepare hot pockets before hand; it will be a good - probably even a GREAT - 5 hours. Lastly, the adventure ends, and shouldn't lead into a campaign. Yet. Eventually we'll get around to writing some of the earth shattering ideas we had for tying it off.

Hopefully you'll all enough us being serious for a change of direction. If not, well, then the adventure should be a good laugh.

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