Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cruise Ship Terror - Swashbuckle

So, it's another post about music. It's something that Mr. Mud and I intend to do from now on. Every week, we'll post a quick paragraph or two about a song that we've recently come to like. We'll probably switch off every week. So, this week I have song duty. I'm gonna write about the song in the title, Cruise Ship Terror. So then....

The Song:
Arrr, this be a pleasin song. It's by Swashbuckle, who I mentioned in the most recent blog post. If you didn't read that post, then I'll quickly summarize them. Pirate theme thrash metal. It's quite fun stuff. In terms of rifffs and such, Swashbuckle isn't very original, but they are unbelievably fun, and their pirate theme is rather fun. Now for the song itself, this is a song about pirates attacking a cruise ship, stealing all the money and women, and in general doing what pirates always do. The song is fast, thrashy, and really fun. A high point is when the band starts chanting YO! HO! YO! HO! It has some solos at the end, but they aren't really anything special to talk about. It's got a fun, catchy chorus (party boat! parrrty boat!). In the end, it's a rockin song about pirates doing what pirates do best. And that's why it's the song of the week.

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