Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[4e] Some Good ole Homebrew!

So, I'll spare the introduction and cut right to the chase. These are some homebrewed D&D fourth edition items. The levels are a bit iffy, but I never cared for them anyway. Hell, 3.x barely had a level system. Regardless, they're below! I especially like the 2nd and 4d. How about you all?

Quickened Scabbard Level 1
This holster gives its blade a quicker bite.
Wondrous Item 360 gp
Property: This scabbard resizes to fit any light blade or heavy blade.
Power (At Will): Free Action. Drawing or sheathing any blade from this scabbard is a free action.
Power (Encounter): Free action. If the weapon is draw with an enemy adjacent to you, you can +1 to attack rolls until the end of your turn. The weapon must have been sheathed in the last 24 hours to regain this power.

Spiritwrought Scabbard Level 9
A ghastly scabbard, covered with runes that fade and reappear.
Wondrous Item 4,200 gp
Property: This scabbard resizes to fit any light blade or heavy blade.
Power (Daily): Free Action. When this blade is drawn, you may activate this ability. If so, you can attack incorporeal creatures as if they were corporeal. in addition to creatures you can already attack, until the end of the encounter.
Power (Daily): Minor Action. When an enemy incorporeal creature reaches 0 hit points, you may choose to become incorporeal until the end of the encounter. You can become corporeal as a minor action.

Ring of Refraction Level 7
This square ring, covered in silvery mirrors, can redirect the attacks of your enemies.
Item Slot: Ring 2,600 gp
Power (Daily): Special. When an ally uses a Burst, Blast, or Ranged attack, you may count as the origin square. You grant line of sight and line of effect.
Power (Daily) Interrupt. When an enemy hit you with a blast attack, roll d20. If you beat your opponents unmodified to-hit roll, The attack is reflected in the opposite direction.

Magician's Best Friend Level 8
With this band, a talentless man becomes a wizard!
Item Slot: Ring 3,400 gp
Property: +2 to Arcana Checks
Power (At-Will): Standard Action. You may cast any of the 4 cantrips. You may not have more than one cantrip cast at once. If one cantrip is cast while another one is still act, the first cantrip is nullified.


  1. I don't know anything about 4th edition items, and little about 4e itself. I'm under the impression that cantrips are very good for taking out minions at any level, though. I think normally you could get one as a multiclass feat? I think replicating a feat and then some might be overpowered for a level 8 item. If this is all wrong, please enlighten me.