Monday, December 14, 2009

Only one day late!

So, I managed to remember to do the song of the week this time, although I'm a day late on it. Ah well. I'll get the hang of this regular posting stuff someday.

Demolition Hammer - Infectious Hospital Waste

So, I'm turning the clock back a bit this time. The last 2 songs of the week (also the only 2...) were within the last couple years. This one comes from the year 1990, almost two decades ago. But, I felt like posting about it because Demolition Hammer has been somewhat forgotten by a large number of metalheads, and they made some really cool thrash back in the day.

Now then, I'll talk about the actual song. Like many thrash songs, it simply starts out with fast aggressive riffing. The production is raw, and gives it a bit of a muffled feeling. This is unfortunate, as it somewhat lessens the impact of the riffs, but it's not too much of a detriment. The riffs are quite simply, great. They're surprising brutal for thrash metal, and frequently are on the verge of crossing over into death metal riffing. Indeed, Demolition Hammer seems to be very close to being death metal throughout much of their music (except for their last album, but that's a tale for another blog post). The vocals however are pure thrash. Raw shouting and spitting. It's what good thrash vocals should be, and they do their part. The song goes on for about 5 minutes, riffing away with this brutal thrash style. It's a great song, and shows how brutal you can really make thrash metal.

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