Saturday, January 31, 2009

Superbowl; Super Rant!

Okay it's been awhile since my last post everyone, But I feel compelled to spew my thoughts about the upcoming Superbowl... This isn't going to go very in depth, because I'm no sports guru, just a modest fan.

"Pappa Kurt" Warner has 'played his Cards' really well over the past season, finishing his less than star studded team at a respectable 9-7, winning the NFC West. But the credit doesn't rely solely with Warner; Larry Fitzgerald has carried the Cards threw the play offs with 4 stellar games thus far. Kurt and Coach Wisenhunt have really turned the team around since last season...

On the flip side of that, is the AFC East Powerhouse, king of Smash-Mouth football, or simply the Pittsburgh Steelers. Big Ben and the team aren't competing for their 6th play off win... They're gunning for their 6th Superbowl.

But whatever with me and the stupid lines.

If the Cards are going to have a chance, I think, they rely on their 'O' line giving Warner enough time to deliver the football, and the brain's behind the operation on the sidelines calling plays that get Fitzgerald open, and down field where he can do what he does best. Steelers defense has never been a problem (quite literally, NEVER been a problem), and their basic pass rush can break down some teams... Just the Pass rush. Not when they are blitzing, but the core pass rush can break down a team's Line. But the odds are against the Cardinals, and I'm not sure Kurt Warner would change that; he operates best when he's under pressure. The Steelers cannot afford to go into this game thinking its already won, because we've seen this happen tiem and time again... Like with Joe Namath. If the Steelers don't play their very best football, the game, In my opinion will be the Cards. Easily.

That's why I'm going against my better judgment, and picking the Arizona Cardinals Over the Pittsburgh Steelers:


No matter the outcome, the question of Kurt Warner being accepted into the Hall of Fame will arise somehow. Personally, I think he should be in because Tons of QBs with lesser stats and no Bowl Rings are in... But then again Kurt Warner is in a Pass-Happy-Offense, and was so, possibly even more so with the 2000-ish Rams. This renders stats inefficient in measuring how good he is. So... hm, the only way is to see how he changes a Football team... and so far, he's taken two teams out of the Cellar, and brought them all the way up to the Superbowl... America, induct Kurt Warner.

Anyways, just random banter, feel free to Comment!

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